Face coverings and masks

1. Is it true that anyone can set up a business in the UK to make or sell face coverings, without any prior requirement to demonstrate experience or knowledge of textiles or product safety laws to an independent body? If … Continue reading

Beckland Farm Complaints

(1) All complaints (anonymised if necessary) in relation to animal welfare and environmental pollution at Parkhams Farm Ltd, specifically Beckland Farm, North Devon Please refer to Beckland Complaint document (2) The number of complaints in relation to animal welfare and … Continue reading

Cautionary Contacts list’ (CCL)

Provide details of the council’s ‘cautionary contacts list’ (CCL) or similar database. A CCL is a system or register which lists potentially aggressive or abusive customers or members of the public, in an effort to protect council staff from potentially … Continue reading

Keaton Road Car Park

In 2016 following numerous complaints from consumers about the Keaton Road Car Park managed by Premier Parking Solutions of Newton Abbot, Devon and Somerset Trading Standards launched an investigation. According to newspaper reports following the investigation there were a set … Continue reading

Farm animal welfare 2020

I request the following information in relation to farm animal species only during the year of 2020: 1. Do you enforce farmed animal welfare legislation? Yes a. if not why? e.g. no farms, a different local authority does b. if … Continue reading