South Hams education figures

I would like to know whether the number of children in education in the South Hams (particularly Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Marlborough and All Saints Thurlestone) has increased, decreased or stayed the same in the last 3 years. It would be useful … Continue reading

Free school meal spend per child – Christmas 2021

How much money is given per child on Free School Meals for FSM over the 2021 Christmas holidays in your council? Please give the figure per week. The figure is £30 per week for the Christmas holidays.

Virtual School Tutoring Support

On the National Tutoring Programme website it stipulates that where a pupil is not on roll with a school, Virtual Schools can raise requests for tuition with Tutoring Partners through the Tuition Hub in the same manner as a school. Has … Continue reading

School breakfast provision

I would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions: Do you fund school breakfast provision in your council area? If so, please could you name the schools you provide funding to? If yes, what does this funding … Continue reading

SEND and Ethnic background school absences

I request combined data on SEND and Ethnic background school absences from Autumn Term 2018 to Present Day. I would like combined data on this. E.g. the percentage of absences for SEND pupils from different ethnic backgrounds.  Does your local authority have … Continue reading

Ethnic Minority SEN Students

What is the percentage of ethnic minorities (Arabs, Asian, Black, Mixed Heritage, Roma, Gypsies and travellers) that are in Special Education compared to White students?  The pupil cohort in Devon special schools can be found on this Devon County Council … Continue reading

Data Protection advice to schools

Please can you tell me what information is provided to schools in relation to the process for supplying education records to parents, as opposed to Data Protection advice. Does DCC have any policy concerning the supply of Education records as … Continue reading

Ventilation improvements in schools

Please advise what interventions Devon County Council as local education authority has made to improve ventilation in Devon schools since the start of the pandemic. Please specify what these are, and how many schools and classrooms have benefited from improvements … Continue reading