• Gas and Electricity

    For the period 1-April-23 to 31-March 2024, we please require disclosure of: – * The grid Electricity kwh’s consumed & the £-value spent (excl-vat). * The natural Gas kwh’s consumed & the £-value spent (excl-vat). Please see the table below.  … Continue reading

  • Office Supplies Purchasing

    Please could you provide me with the following information? 1) Spend on Office supplies and associated products for the below financial years. 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2023 £85,358 1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024 £88,407 2) Start … Continue reading

  • Finance software for maintained schools

    Regarding the Council’s next financial software tender, in particular for the software you use for your maintained schools, please provide: 1. When your current contract ends and who it is currently with and when you will be going to tender? … Continue reading

  • Procurement

    1. Do you have a dedicated procurement team? Yes 2. How many full tie equivalents are dedicated to procurement? 27 3. Please complete the table Type of procedure Number of projects Value of contract per year Over-threshold projects Dynamic Purchasing … Continue reading

  • Kindered Hearts Limited Contract

    Please provide the following information in relation to contracts held between Kindered Hearts Limited and Devon County Council:       1) Start and end date of any current contracts.  Devon County Council does not currently hold any contracts with Kindered … Continue reading

  • Various Devon County Council Systems

    Can I please request the following information with regards to Devon County Council systems. Corporate website 1. What Content Management Platform is used to manage the Local Authority’s (LA’s) corporate website? WordPress. 2. Is this developed in house or by … Continue reading

  • UK Produced Food For Catering

    1. What policies, if any, does the council have in place for the sourcing and procuring of UK-produced food for official functions and catering outlets? 2. What proportion of food procured by the council between April 2022 – March 2023 … Continue reading