First aid courses and training

We are looking specifically for data on your tendering process for First Aid training courses. 1. Does your organisation use internal trainers to run first aid courses?  No. 2. Does your organisation buy in external providers to deliver first aid … Continue reading

Utilities – Suppliers and Contracts

1. Please complete the table  Utilities Table 2. Please confirm the full details of each site within your Local Authority area, that are supplied either electricity, gas or water through the Local Authority contract arrangement? Devon County Council (DCC) owned … Continue reading

Electric vehicle charge bays, contracts and plans

These questions relate, specifically to council owned public car parks: 1. Do the council currently have any electric vehicle charging points installed throughout their public car parks? Devon County Council is not responsible for off-street parking, including car parks, therefore does … Continue reading

Western Power

1.  Are you currently waiting on WPD (Western Power) to isolate any of your supplies to rectify anything highlighted as potentially dangerous within the property- i.e. circuits that have been classified as C1/ C2 by an electrician, plastic consumer unit … Continue reading

Marland Primary School

A full list of all main contractors, consultants, sub-contractors & suppliers (including postal address/postcode and office telephone number details which are already in the public domain (so not effected by GDPR) that are or have been involved on the Marland … Continue reading

Call-off contracts in the public sector

I have identified some potential call-off contracts awarded by Devon County Council, but I can’t find details of the framework agreement they were awarded from. Please could you provide this information? Devon County Council posts details of its contracts awarded via … Continue reading

Lighting, Bulbs and Policy

Do you have any Filament Light-bulbs in buildings (offices etc.), if so are these scheduled to be upgraded, if so when? Also please provide number of filament bulbs? Devon County Council does not hold this data Do you have a … Continue reading