S104 Agreement Beans Meadow and Church Meadow

Please provide copies of the Section 104 Agreements for the estate developments known as “Beans Meadow” and “Church Meadow” in Okehampton, and any other details, correspondence or Agreements relating to the adoption of storm drains and sewage relevant to these … Continue reading

Coronavirus Emergency Legislation

Please provide evidence used to justify the Devon County Executive Councillors and their board’s decision to enforce lockdowns since the Coronavirus Act 2020. In accordance with this act, the justifying evidence should include regional, local and national deaths; burials, number … Continue reading

CAMHS admissions

I make the below request for information under the Freedom of Information Act: 1. The number of low secure Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and medium secure CAMHS beds within your Authority or Trust and how many of … Continue reading

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

What policies and procedures are in place with regards to the provision of a safe sleep space (Moses basket, travel cot, cot) for homeless families with infants (under 12 months old) in temporary accommodation. Devon County Council is not responsible … Continue reading

Herne Bridge Risk Assessments

Herne Bridge I would hope that you carried out a risk assessment before this nonsense was rolled out, and I would like to apply for a copy under the Freedom of information act, and any other relevant information Devon County … Continue reading

Adopted roads – 1980-1995

Would it be possible to obtain a list of all roads adopted by the county council between 1980 and 1995? The resulting information must show the name of the road and the date it was adopted. Devon County Council does … Continue reading

Flexible energy statement and installers

I would like to make a freedom of information request in regard the Council’s Statement of Intent for Flexible Energy as follows: 1. Please can you provide the latest version of your Statement of Intent for LA Flexible Eligibility 2. … Continue reading

Section 17 housing for families

How many families are being provided with accommodation under section 17 of the Children Act 1989? (These could be households provided with accommodation under section 17 for a range of reasons, including: because they did not qualify for accommodation under … Continue reading