Venton Trout Lake, Dartington

Is it possible to obtain details of roadworks at a specific location going back 18-20 years. The location in question is at or near the entrance to Venton Trout Lake, Dartington, TQ9 6DP Due to this time period, we unfortunately … Continue reading

Black-Led organisations funding

Please provide a copy of the following information [or public sector duty/equality assessments documents containing the following information] be provided: 1. A list (public names, telephone numbers and emails) of black-led organisations, groups, networks, forums, or entities that applied for … Continue reading

Gender Neutral/Unisex Toilets

1. What policies does the council have in relation to gender neutral/unisex toilets? None 2. How many gender neutral/unisex toilets do you have in council owned buildings? Devon County Council (DCC) believes compliance with this request would exceed the appropriate … Continue reading

HWRC Van Permit Scheme

1. How much did it cost to set up the HWRC van permit scheme? 2. What are the estimated administration costs per year? We do not hold this information requested in the questions above. The scheme has been set up … Continue reading

People’s Park Pavilion – Tiverton

Regarding the hoardings around the pavilion in People’s Park. I would like the following information: 1. Any E-mail sent within the authority either internally or to external partners about the pavilion. 2. As the fences are fastened to the structure, … Continue reading

Air quality

1. How many roadside vehicle emissions checks in air quality management areas (AQMA) have been conducted in the past five years? 2. How many fixed fines have been given to drivers whose vehicles do not comply with the above emissions … Continue reading

Playground Safety

Please may you provide me with data on: * The number of children’s playgrounds in your area in 2022 * The number of accidents reported at children’s playgrounds in your area in 2022 so far, 2021, 2020 and 2019 * … Continue reading