Data storage

We’d like to explore the sector’s relationship with data, strategies for data modernisation and how it is collected, stored, and categorised. We will also look into data usage, standardisation, open data, and transparency data. We would like to make a … Continue reading

Management of Media Files

1. Please provide an electronic copy of any policies, procedures, or guidance issued to staff concerning the management of electronic media files on your network infrastructure. Devon County Council has not produced policies which specifically cover the management of electronic … Continue reading

Freedom of Information (FOI) system

1) What supplier do you use for your Freedom of Information system? iCasework Case Management Software is used for all Access to Information requests and Customer Relations cases 2) What was the total cost of the contract with the supplier? … Continue reading

Data Protection Software

1. Does your organisation use any applications or software to record Record of Processing Activity (ROPA)? If so, please state the product name(s) and version numbers(s) (if known) Yes, Microsoft Excel 365 2. Does your organisation use any applications or … Continue reading

Data Security breaches – 2017 to date

How many companies in your local authority have been found guilty of being in breach of data security regulations each year, over the last five years? Please provide this data for the period between 1 January 2017 to 31 December … Continue reading

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Please provide an electronic copy of any Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA’s) undertaken for the operation drones, dash cams, or body-worn cameras within your Organisation Devon County Council (DCC) has not completed any DPIA’s for the operation of drones or … Continue reading

M365 Teams Guest Access Policy/Guidance

Please provide¬† a copy of your ” M365 Teams Guest Access Policy” or a “Guidance Note” that you hold and use specific for officer awareness Devon County Council do not have a policy document but please refer to Teams Meetings … Continue reading