Software Systems

1. What Software Systems are currently used by the Council (please identify each system if more than one is used) for: * Programme and / or Project management? PM3 * Risk Management recording and reporting PM3 2. When do the … Continue reading

Software Systems and Contracts

1. How many employees do you have? Devon County Council (DCC) have 5349 corporate employees. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 2. Which ERP or finance system do you currently use? FINEST (Software AG UK Ltd) and P2P Accounts Payable System (Process … Continue reading

Information Technology Data

1. What information technology projects are planned to take place within Devon County Council over the next 5 years and when? Please specifically include details of networking, telephony and communications. IT projects are planned on a 3 year programme and … Continue reading

Adult and children social care software

I am carrying out a research project into local government software usage for adult and childrens’ social care. Please could you let me know, for each system used in the delivery of adult and children’s social care: 1. Name of … Continue reading

Redundant IT Equipment

What is your current process for recycling and disposing of redundant IT equipment? What steps are involved? Please include details on how you store them, if collected then by who and when and what paperwork you receive and how you … Continue reading

Mobile Phone Contract

What is the name of your organisation? Devon County Council. How many employees are at your organisation? Please see this Devon County webpage for this information. How many mobile phone and mobile broadband (data only) connections do you currently have … Continue reading

Management Software

Grounds Maintenance Software 1. What software you are using for your grounds maintenance? Devon County uses a bespoke purpose written Equinox based software package called GROMAS. 2. What is the annual spend on this contract? The annual spend on this … Continue reading

Website Accessibility

1.What Content Management system/software (CMS) and version does your public facing council website use? (e.g. In-house, Sharepoint, Jadu, Drupal 7) WordPress CMS, kept updated to the most recent release. 2. Is your public facing council website hosted and supported by … Continue reading

Cloud First

* The Government introduced a ‘cloud first’ policy in 2013 for public sector organisations. Do you have a ‘cloud first’ policy in place within your authority? Yes. If available please attached copy of policy. Devon County Council’s Technical Standards promote … Continue reading