Sexual harassment against social workers

Please note that there are three parts to this request: 1. Can you confirm how many reports of third-party sexual harassment your local authority has received from social workers directly employed by your local authority between 31 October 2013 and … Continue reading

Internationally Qualified Social Workers

This request is specific to Children’s Services or such organisation that meets statutory duties concerning children at risk of harm or children in need. 1.Other than processing individual applicants, have you strategically recruited internationally-qualified child protection social workers over the … Continue reading

Absence policy for medical research purposes

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information. – Policy(s) relating to absence from work for an employee participating in Medical Research for healthy Volunteers or Patients that are receiving treatment … Continue reading

School staff job description and pay spine

I would like to see the current job descriptions with their associated pay spine.  I would like this information for all Devon County Council School Staff from teaching assistants, examinations officers, cover managers, administrators, Headteacher’s PA – all roles within … Continue reading

Cautionary Contacts list’ (CCL)

Provide details of the council’s ‘cautionary contacts list’ (CCL) or similar database. A CCL is a system or register which lists potentially aggressive or abusive customers or members of the public, in an effort to protect council staff from potentially … Continue reading

Social worker allocation

1) How many children (up to age of 18) have been allocated to a social worker for assessment, review, or any other intervention so far in 2021?  7,224 children have been open to a social worker between 01/01/21 & 31/10/21. … Continue reading

Adult and Social Care Teams

How many teams are there are in Devon’s Adult and Children Social Work Services? 194 teams in total in Adult and Children services – 82 teams in Adults Services and 112 teams in Childrens Services What are the teams’ names? … Continue reading

Antisemitism – conduct, complaints and training

Q1. Definition of antisemitism Q1a. You informed us on 28th November 2019 that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Definition of Antisemitism (‘IHRA Definition’) had not been adopted by Devon County Council. See for more information about the IHRA Definition … Continue reading

Software and contracts – planning, CRT, HR and finance

I require the organisation’s to provide me with the following contract information relating to the following corporate software/enterprise applications: a. Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solution (ERP) -this is the organisation’s main ERP system and may include service support, maintenance and … Continue reading