Southbrook Lane

I am requesting for a copy of the file relating to the proposal to close Southbrook Lane to vehicular traffic. Including all internal memoranda and correspondence with external agencies. This information can be viewed on this Devon County Council webpage.

Pavement Licences for Outdoor Seating

1. What is the Council’s minimum requirement for footway width? 1.5m in accordance with current Government Guidance, section 4.1 2. In which Council policy is this contained? Guidance: pavement licences (outdoor seating) – GOV.UK ( 3. If a business has … Continue reading

Queen Street consultation

Please may I see the results of the Queen Street & Iron Bridge public consultation conducted 15 Sep – 13 Oct 2021, showing the numerical replies to each question This is available via this link

Castle Street, Bampton

1. On how many occasions have road repairs been undertaken in Castle Street, Bampton EX16 9 since 1st January 2017, This information, following on from both enquiries or from highway inspections, is available via this link 2. How much money has … Continue reading

Drainage and gullies A379, Frogmore

Please let me have the following information regarding drainage of the A379 main road in Frogmore.  Information is available from this Devon County Council webpage. The document has been redacted to remove the personal information of third parties. We believe … Continue reading