Local Authority Electricity Generation Assets

Please provide the following information,  relating to grid connected assets for example solar farms, wind turbines and waste to energy plants, rather than rooftop solar installations which mostly supply electricity to the building they occupy.  1) Do you own or … Continue reading

DCC utility contracts

Information on the following Utilities: GAS, HH Electricity, NHH Electricity & Water The information below relates to gas & electricity contracts. DCC do not have a contract in place for water, DCC water supplies are via South West Water. As … Continue reading

Renewable electricity sources

1. Does the council have a 100% renewable green electricity tariff for all of the electricity that the council is directly responsible for, and is this tariff with Green Energy UK plc, Good Energy Limited or Ecotricity? This includes all … Continue reading

Washroom services framework agreement contract

Please provide details in respect to your washroom services framework agreement contract. The details we require are: 1. What are the contractual performance (Key Performance Indicators) KPI’s for this contract? Service Completion rates. 2. Suppliers who applied for inclusion on … Continue reading

Devon County Council owned public buildings

* What public buildings do you own? How are they broken down? Eg fire station, police station, library, retirement homes, doctor surgeries, hostels, town halls, supported living, civic centres. Can they be broken down like this in categories? * Are … Continue reading

Metal Detectors

Can you please let me know who to contact and how a member of the NCMD with professional indemnity would go about obtaining permissions to metal detect on council owned land or on land prior to development.  Any requests to … Continue reading

Advertising Contract

1. Is there a company with sole license to place advertisement in the properties you own or street furniture? No 2. How long is the contract for or when is it expiring? N/A 3. Which company has the sole license … Continue reading

One Public Estates Projects in Exeter

Please supply copies of all the recorded information you hold concerning One Public Estate projects located in Exeter from the past twelve months. Please see this Devon County Council (DCC) webpage for the relevant information. Some information has been redacted … Continue reading

Property Services

Regarding Devon County Council owned and maintained property: 1. What was the total Gross Internal Area (GIA) of non Education estate maintained by Devon County Council in Financial Year 2021-2022. The GIA totals 96000sqm. As well as education, this would … Continue reading