Socio-economic duty

1. Please indicate whether your local authority has formally adopted the socio-economic duty (Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010). For this purpose, ‘adoption’ of the socio-economic duty, means that the authority must have either passed a motion at full … Continue reading

Regional devolution agreement

1) Has Devon County Council ever decided to develop a bid (or ‘expression of interest’) for a devolution agreement? If so, when? Please provide a copy of the council’s decision whether or not to develop a bid, if available (for … Continue reading

Leadership Group

Please advise what the postholders are who personally support the CEO in his/her work eg PA, executive support officer, business manager, admin support or similar. please can I also have job descriptions and salary levels. This information is available online … Continue reading

Committee Management System

Please confirm : * The exact length of time your current Committee Management System has been in place for – please also confirm the start date. Contract started in November 2015 (although go live was not until April 2016 – … Continue reading

5G Infrastructure

“Is there 5G infrastructure in the area, e.g., MIMO masts, cell towers, LED street lights? If not, are there any plans? Yes / No answers are acceptable.” Devon County Council do not hold any information relating to 5G infrastructure. With … Continue reading