Energy Costs

1. How much are you expecting to spend on energy costs this winter (October – April) compared to the same period last year? TOTAL FOR STREET LIGHTING (£’s) 2022/23 2021/22 Difference Estimated Actual October         409,152         262,159         146,993 November         … Continue reading

Household Support Fund

1. How much money was your local authority allocated under the UK Government’s Household Support Fund scheme for the period 6 October 2021 to 30 September 2022? This time period covers Household Support Fund (HSF) 1 & 2 and the … Continue reading

Household Support Fund

1. How much money was your council granted by the Department for Work and Pensions during tranche 2 of the Household Support fund e.g money granted for 1 April 2022 to 30 September 2022? £5,064,876.12 2. How much money did … Continue reading

Homes for Ukraine Scheme

1. How many individual guests (including children) have arrived in your local authority and been matched under the Homes for Ukraine scheme? 1437 – please note this is based on arrived visa status and is a live figure that can … Continue reading

Homes for Ukraine

1.Is it the Council’s policy to visit a Homes for Ukraine sponsor’s home to check on the guest’s welfare after the guest has begun living with the sponsor? Please provide a yes or no answer only.  2. How many Homes … Continue reading

Liveable Exeter Place Board

Please supply copies of all the recorded information you hold concerning meetings of Liveable Exeter Place Board which have taken place during 2022 including any amended Terms of Reference distributed to board members during 2022. Devon County Council does not … Continue reading

Household Support Fund

1. How much were you allocated from the Household Support Fund in 2021/22? 2.  How much of this fund did you spend in 2021/22? Both of the above questions are exempt under Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act. … Continue reading

Domestic Abuse and Refuge Services

1.What services do you commission for survivors of domestic abuse? Devon County Council commissions the following services under contract: information, advice and guidance; safeguarding and advocacy support (including Independent domestic violence advocate services), “breaking the cycle” interventions to prevent re-victimisation; … Continue reading

Travelling Community Sites

How many Gypsy/Traveller sites do you have in your Borough? We are a County Council covering the administrative areas for the whole of Devon and do not operate borough by borough.  However, there are 3 local authority sites across Devon, … Continue reading