LADO Service complaints

1. Please state the number of complaints made about the LADO Service received by Devon County Council, human resources department or any other council department. A. Made by any person B. Made by any individual C. Made by outside organisations … Continue reading

Learning disabilities and autism services

I would like to make the following request for information relating to the learning disability and autism services in your local authority. The average (arithmetic mean in £ and pence) hourly rate you pay for externally provided learning disability and … Continue reading

Looked After Children Placements

How many Looked After children for whom your Local Authority is the corporate parent, moved placements between 18 December 2021 and 3 January 2022? 17 looked after children moved placements between 18/12/2021 and 03/01/2022 inclusive.

Reducing Parental Conflict grant

 Is your LA in receipt of the current Reducing Parental Conflict grant? Yes What are you choosing to use this grant fund for? Select as many as apply. Grant Allocation Yes/No   Description of service   % of grant spent   … Continue reading

Guidance for Interviewing Children

1. Please provide a copy of children’s social services guidance/requirements for interviewing children 2. Please send guidance on how the parents of the children should be informed regarding any interviews For both questions, please refer to the Family Procedures Manual, … Continue reading

Children’s and Young People’s Services

‘Children’s and Young People’s Services’ refers to services that are included under Sections 3.1 to 3.6 of the Section 251 Budget disclosures from the Department for Education. For just ‘Youth Services’ this would be as per 3.5 of the Section … Continue reading

Local Authority Accommodation Figures

1. How many households are living in accommodation provided by the local authority under section 17 of the Children Act 1989 on 30th June 2022 (or closest possible date)? 2. What is the total number of adults living in these … Continue reading