Social Care Commissioning

Please provide names and contact details for commissioners for social care services for the following: * Substance abuse and alcohol misuse * Mental health difficulties * Neurodevelopmental difficulties * Learning difficulties * Care leavers * … Continue reading

Childcare providers

Did Devon County give Free Government Childcare funding to for 2,3 and 4 year old and which Ofsted registered inadequate settings did they not from June 2019 to date? We can confirm that, in the case of all settings, when … Continue reading

Senior Finance Officers

Please can you provide the name, direct telephone number and email address for the following senior management positions responsible for Social Care Finance and Commissioning Services: 1. Head of Finance for Children’s Services: This would be the individual responsible for … Continue reading

Post Ofsted action plans

My request is how many childcare settings within Devon have conducted a Post Ofsted Action Plan (POAP) in the last 3 years and the name of each setting. 28 childcare settings have conducted a Post Ofsted Action Plan in the … Continue reading

Children and Family Centres

1) How many children used children’s centres, family hubs, and children and family centres in your local authority, in each of the following financial years? If you record both face-to-face and digital reach, please specify the figures for each separately … Continue reading

Foster Care Provisions

1. How does the Local Authority commission or contract for the provision of foster care? Please provide detail of the structure of that facility those arrangements Devon County Council (DCC) form part of the Peninsula Commissioning & Procurement Partnership. This … Continue reading

Numbers of children in foster care

In foster care: Children in care * Total number of children from your local authority * Number of children cared for by your own local authority provision * Number of children cared for by another local authority’s provision * Number … Continue reading