Young Carers numbers, assessments and services 2015-2018

How many young carers under the age of 18 are identified in your area? 

At September 2018, 3115 young carers under 18 identified in Devon and known to Young Carers Service. 

How the council ensure its statutory obligation under the relevant legislation to identify young carers and carry out an assessment of needs is fulfilled? 

Any assessment undertaken by the Local Authority, for example Early Help Assessment or Section 47 Assessment and Enquiry, should consider needs and contexts of families and therefore have the potential to lead to the identification of young carers and their needs. This may also prompt a referral being made to the Young Carers Service with the consent of the young person and their family.

The Young Carers Service commissioned by Devon County Council is required to undertake an assessment of children and young people’s needs to determine support and advice. It may be that following this assessment the service initiates an Early Help Response where an Early Help Assessment will be required leading to the service acting as Lead Professional and coordinating a multi-agency Team Around the Family. Where other services or organisations initiate an Early Help Response, and this involves young carers the service will contribute towards the Team Around the Family process that follows.

The Young Carers Service are also required: –

  • To support young carers in transition including assessment and transition planning in collaboration with relevant partners and in helping to prepare young people for adulthood.
  • To promote whole family working and awareness and recognition of young carers in Devon through work with a range of organisations and partners. To help us to reveal and identify more young carers across the area.

There is also a Multi-Agency Young Carers Steering Group which operates in Devon. This group is made up of representatives from across a range of services including representation from DCC and the Young Carers Service commissioned by DCC. The group aims to take action to respond to priorities identified by our young carers in Devon. Priorities include awareness raising and recognition of young carers to help reveal and identify more young carers across the area. 

What tools does your area use to complete an assessment of needs? 

Young Carer Assessment Tool used by Young Carers Service that is commissioned. This includes a Young Carer Outcome Star tool.

Early Help Assessments. Tools are built into Devon’s multi-agency Early Help data system ‘Right for Children’.

For other assessments undertaken by the Local Authority a range of tools are used to complete these assessments according to individual need 

Details of how many young carers have accessed the young carers service during 

2015-16 – 3,160 young carers accessed the young carers service

2016-17 – 3,108 young carers accessed the young carers service.

2017-18 – 3,131 young carers have accessed the young carers service.

This year to date – Up to September 18, 3,115 young carers are known to the service and are accessing a particular support offer from the service. 

Does your area run a dedicated service for Young Carers (under the age of 18)? 

Devon County Council externally commission and have awarded a contract for the delivery and provision of a Young Carers Service to operate within the geographical areas covered by Devon County Council. 

Is this an in-house service or externally commissioned? 

Externally Commissioned. 

Is the service paid for by the council, CCG or both?

Both via the Better Care Fund, which is a mandatory policy to facilitate change bringing together health and social care funding. 

Details of how much was spent on support for young carers in –




From 2011 to April 2018 Devon County Council (DCC) commissioned Young Carers Services to the value of £250,000 per annum

This year to date – DCC commissions a Young Carers Service currently to the value of £225,000 per annum.