Wheelchair Accessible Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

I am undertaking a study of availability of wheelchair accessible taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) , collectively ‘WAVs’ . Council contracts can often occupy a large proportion of licensed WAVs at key times which are then not available for hire by other wheelchair users.

Please supply a list/spreadsheet/link etc showing the current contracts and providers of WAV transport for your schools/SEN /Social Services. Please show their business contact details (preferably phone numbers). I will need to contact a sample as part of the study.

If possible, please indicate if the contract provides for a Personal Assistant. There can be some uncertainty as to whether a WAV driver with a medical exemption certificate (wheelchair or assistance dog) can delegate responsibility to a Personal Assistant for operating vehicle lifts, ramps ,hoists, restraints etc . If you have a policy or instruction on this, please include it.

Predominantly Devon County Council operates our own fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles. However to cope with demand we use companies who operate vehicles with wheelchair accessibility.

In all cases it is the responsibility of the driver to secure the wheelchair and operate the tail lift and ramps. The Council provides training in this area to all drivers. Escorts or Personal assistants are not permitted to secure wheelchairs or operate the tail lifts. In some cases dependant on the needs of the passengers being transported the contractors will be asked to provide an escort.

Below are email address contact details we hold for the companies for contact purposes. In most of the cases the telephone number the Council holds is the private telephone number for the operator which we are not able to release. This is because the Council considers that this information constitutes personal data of third parties therefore this information is exempt from disclosure by virtue of the exemption at Section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Independent Cars Torbay Ltd Owner is Nick Holt enquires@icars.org.uk

Express Cars Owner is Naroz Badavi expresscarsexeter@hotmail.co.uk

Argyle Shuttle Owner is Francisco Martin fran.martin60@btinternet

Travel Executive Owner is Tony Goode info@travelexecutive.co.uk

Rays Coaches Owner is Ray Gerry rayscoaches@hotmail.co.uk (This is a PCV operator)

Professional Private Hire Owner is Karen Rocket professionalcabs@hotmail.co.uk

Alpha Taxis Owner is Darren Pike darrenpike1968@yahhoo.co.uk

Fremington and District Cabs Owner is Chris Pert fadcabs@msn.com