Web accessibility compliance

What actions have been taken, at what cost by whom in the last 12 months to ensure the authority doesn’t become a litigation target as it currently is one of the bottom 25% across UK Local authorities for web accessibility compliance.  

The actions that Devon County Council has undertaken to ensure web accessibility compliance over the last 12 months include:

  • All new websites are checked for accessibility to WCAG 2.1 AA as part of standard quality assurance.
  • Accessibility audits are undertaken as previously developed websites are reviewed and refreshed.
  • CPD work is undertaken with website developers and content designers to ensure knowledge is up to date.
  • When possible, user testing is undertaken.

These activities have been carried out as part of ‘business as usual’ and have not incurred an identifiable cost.

Who is the appointed official looking at this subject and what plans are in place to ensure compliance and risks mitigated? 

The Digital Communications Manager is responsible for accessibility. Plans are being developed to:

  • Complete a review of all online content against new accessibility legislation, WCAG 2.1AA and best practice.
  • Publish our accessibility statement for all sites.
  • Introduce user testing as standard.
  • Continue CPD with developers and content designers to ensure knowledge is up to date.
  • Further improve awareness throughout the organisation around accessibility of online information.