Voice recognition software

Q1: Has the Council got this working? I appreciate you aren’t yet live with the software, but do you have voice recognition working with Eclipse in test?

Native voice recognition functionality on standard council Windows phones and laptops works in test with Eclipse just for simple reading in of text to text boxes, in the same way it would for council officers voice dictating into emails or Word documents.

Q2: Which voice recognition software does this use? Please name the software, and state whether it is OLM Systems software or third party

Please refer to the response to Q1. We also provide third party locally installed software such as ‘Dragon Dictate’ to certain council officers for accessibility reasons.

Q3: Does the voice recognition software send data off site? (They usually do). If so, please explain how this is managed within GDPR

There is no specific Eclipse voice recognition software. However, a small number of DCC network users have access to Dragon Dictate software. Data generated by this software is held on encrypted drives on the device the software is installed on, which means it does comply with the security obligations outlined in the GDPR.