Vehicle Speeds – Kingsteignton


“I would be grateful if you could provide a copy of the speed of vehicles travelling along the B3195 between The base of the entry slip of the A380 and the roundabout at the junction of Strap Lane/Lindridge Lane/Exeter Road, Kingsteignton.

I appreciate that this is a short stretch of road that might not have had a speed assessment carried out along it. If one has been done? Please could you supply the latest findings of this information. In particular, I am interested in the average speed of vehicles under 3.5 tonnes – travelling along this stretch of road in both directions.


Devon County Council undertook a traffic speed survey on the B3195 near the Ten Tors Public House in November 2015 and the results are provided here –

Please note that the equipment used to carry out the survey does not record the classification of vehicles, so we are unable to provide separate data for vehicles under 3.5 tonnes. Please also note that the results are the averages for a seven day period and that some of the values have been rounded to the nearest whole number. This can produce the odd anomaly when looking at the figures, but it does not affect the overall result.

For your information, the 85%ile was 34.0mph and the average mean was 26.1mph.