Vehicle fleet, leases and refuse

1. How many vehicles are in your council’s fleet? Please include make, model, petrol/diesel/electric, owned/leased.

This information is available via the link below:

Fleet list

All vehicles are owned with the exception of the four electric Nissan Leaf vehicles.

2. If you do lease your council’s vehicles, who do you lease from?

The electric vehicles are leased from Daimler leasing. All future vehicles will be purchased.

3. Do you have telematics across your fleet? If so, who is this provided by?


4. Do you run your own refuse collection? If not, who does on behalf of you and how many vehicles do they operate?

No.  Refuse collection is not the responsibility of Devon County Council;  it is the responsibility district, city and unitary authorities.  This information can be obtained from them and their contact details can be found online at:

Neighbouring authorities