Vehicle Fleet and Maintenance of Vehicles

1) Do you have an in House Fleet of Vehicles , ie Cars,Vans,Parks Equipment,HGV Lorries etc

Yes we operate a mixed fleet of Wheelchair accessible vehicles, small and medium vans which in total is 370 vehicles.

2) Where are these Vehicles Serviced/Repaired , ie do you have your own Vehicle Workshops or is the work sent out to a Private company .

We do not operate our own workshops. All vehicles are sent out to private contractors

3) Do your Vehicle Workshops use Agency Staff (if you have own Workshop)

We do not operate our own workshops

4) if you have your own Vehicle Workshops do you have a contact name and number please or email address of the person in charge of the Fleet or Vehicle Workshops

As question 3

5) If the work is sent out do you have the name of the Company please

We have three separate companies delivering the maintenance contract. SHB in Exeter, TJH Auto’s Ltd in Barnstaple and AC Garages near Newton Abbott.