Unsuccessful candidate’s travel expenses

Can you please provide; 

a figure for the amount you spent on unsuccessful job interview candidate’s travel expenses in 2017?

2017 / 2018 year to date (1st April to 31st Jan) £7,235.74

the policy under which job interview candidates are able to claim travel expenses and any caps or limits on a claim? 

The provision to pay expenses to candidates is noted in, Section 6 Travelling and Subsistence, National Joint Council for Local Authorities, Scheme of Conditions of Service, November 1995:

  1. c) Payment of Expenses

Payment of expenses for candidates will be paid by cheque which will be forwarded by post after the interview. A candidate who withdraws his application, or refuses the application on grounds which in the opinion of the interviewing committee or officers are inadequate, will not be paid the expense incurred in attending the interview.

Devon County Council provides the interview expenses form to candidates which includes guidance notes and information. You will note that we now pay claims via BACS directly into their account and not via cheque as it states in the Conditions of Service.

Details of the Expenses amount are a Payroll function and can be viewed on the following link expenses claim,