Unmetalled Roads with vehicular access

Please provide information on unmetalled roads with vehicular access, such as ORPAs, White Roads and UCRs.

This is a working record of maintenance category 12 roads rather than a record of unmetalled roads with vehicular access. Maintenance category 12 simply means that the route does not serve property. Generally that will also mean it is unmetalled but not always. There is also a right to drive along byways open to all traffic but, again, these would not all be unmetalled. Byways open to all traffic can be viewed on the County Council’s interactive map at www.devon.gov.uk/prow

If available, could you please provide the information as KML, Shape or CSV format with parish name, parish number, unique track reference / usrn number and grid coordinates including waypoints for the tracks?

The GIS layer for category 12 routes in shape file or gml file format can be viewed here