Troubled Families – out of work benefits verification

Page 23 of the Troubled Families Financial Framework for phase 1 of the Troubled Families Programme states, in respect of claims made for adults moving off out-of-work benefits and into ‘continuous employment’, that:remaining in ‘continuous employment’ will need to be self-certified by the local authority, using locally determined verification systems, as Jobcentre Plus do not collect this information.
• What locally determined verification systems did you use to establish that adults who had moved off out-of-work benefits were in continuous employment for the period of time required to make a claim for success in the ‘achieving continuous employment result’. (i.e. how did you establish locally that the adult was in continuous employment and not just ‘off’ out-of-work benefits).

Continuous employment claims were verified by the Troubled Family Employment Advisers from information held on a number of Department of Work & Pensions systems, including working tax credits, and on their, and other practitioners, interaction with clients supported under Phase 1 of the Troubled Families programme.