Troubled Families filter

Could you please provide me with each of the local filter criteria you used during the first phase of the Troubled Families Programme. If you changed your local filter criteria during the first phase of the programme, could you please provide me with all of the local criteria you used during the first phase of the programme and, if possible, the dates that each of the criteria were in use.



A range of local criteria were used in the first phase of the Troubled Families programme:


This included where there was widespread agency concern, or multiple agency investment, with the family. The first stage concentrated on families who met two of the national criteria (Crime/ASB; Education; Unemployment) and had at least one of the following criteria . This could include (but was not exhaustive) all of the following risk areas:


  • Child in household has social care classification ‘in need’
  • In the last year there has been at least one repeat referral to MASH( Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) regarding a child in the household
  • Offenders on probation
  • Mental health (adult, child or young person)
  • Substance misuse (adult, child or young person) – drug or alcohol dependence
  • Where a CAF ( child assessment framework ) also known as an Early Help Assessment/Plan has been opened in the last 12 months
  • Family have unstable housing or at risk of homelessness
  • Child of a teenage parent
  • Domestic violence
  • Involvement in criminal or anti-social behaviour by one or more family members
  • Parent has a long-standing limiting illness, disability or infirmity
  • Persistent absence at school
  • Failure to take up early years educational entitlements


These were agreed early in the first phase and has remained in place throughout.


In answer to the query raised, the criteria therefore did not change and remained in use throughout the first phase.