Trips to China taken by council officials January 2017 to date

From 1 January 2017 to the day of your response to this request, provide information on the number of trips to China taken by council officials (both elected and unelected) in the course of conducting council business. 

None – therefore we do not hold any information in relation to the following questions

 For each trip, provide the following information:

 – The date and duration of the overseas trip, as well as the Chinese city that was visited.

 – The full name, title and position of the council officials who went on the overseas trip as well as the number of people who travelled.

 – The reason or reasons why the council officials went on the trip and an explanation as to how the trip benefited the council.

 – A list of places the officials visited and the people they met (please provide as much detail as possible)

 – The cost of the trip (please provide a breakdown of costs including travel costs, accommodation costs, expenses and any other costs).

 – State whether the council met the costs of the trip, or whether an individual, group, company, consortium, charity or another organisation met the costs, including Chinese companies or government bodies.

 – Provide the full name of the individual, group, company, charity or organisation that met the costs. If it is a group or consortium, state who or what composes the group or consortium.

 – Details of any gifts received by the officials, their value and which organisation, individual gave them gift.

 – Details of any financial benefits received by the council as a result of the trip – e.g. free office space in China.

 – A copy of the itinerary for each trip.