Tree culling for 5G rollout

My questions arise from the mass culling of trees in Sheffield and elsewhere in the UK, where they are seen as an obstruction to 5G signals, and a hope that Devon’s trees do not suffer the same fate.

(i) I specifically want to know if there is a schedule of culling/felling/pruning for city and town trees.

Devon County Council has no scheduled plans , we react to safety issues only

(ii) I would like information on all trees at risk of culling/felling/pruning for 5G needs around the county of Devon.

Following our response to question (i) above, we do not hold any information.

(iii) Have, or will, members of the public be consulted about any proposal or plan to cull or fell or reduce in size the trees which form part of our environment and which contribute to our health and wellbeing at a time when this is under increasing threat from e.g. proliferation of environmental radiation from wireless telecommunications and, of course, traffic pollution.

Devon County Council do not take any action on trees which do not pose a safety risk to the highway.  Therefore we do not consult on the removal of trees, as there is a safety risk involved, meaning we must take action.