Traveller sites and pitches

We request the following information:

1 Total number of Travellers Sites/Pitches

16 pitches over 2 sites.

2 Number of Illegal travellers Sites/Pitches

For the current financial year to date: 30. This is for unauthorised encampments that are identified as gypsy or traveller sites or encampments..

3 Budgeted income from Travellers Pitches v Actual Income for Travellers Pitches:

We have provided below the information from the last complete financial year:

2017/18 Budget Actual
Rent £50,000 £51,831
Miscellaneous £4,000 £5,504

4 Cost of clearing up and repair from illegal Travellers sites for last 5 years:

2013/14: £280.80
2014/15: £0.00
2015/16: £3,037.52
2016/17: £745.50
2017/18: £2,465.49

5 Number of Planning violations from Travelers in last 5 years:
6 Number of prosecutions v the last question:
7 Number of interventions from the Planning inspectorate finding in favour of the Travellers in the last 5 years

In response to question 5-7, Devon County Council do not hold this information as this is the responsibility of district, city or unitary councils, depending upon the geographical location.   We would therefore recommend that you contact the district, city or unitary councils for this information.   Contact details can be found on our website at: