Transport model – plans and contracts

* Who is the contact point within the Highways and Transportation team for transport modelling?

Stuart Jarvis – Senior Transportation Planning Officer

* Please provide high level details of your existing strategic transport model/s.

Please see the table below:

Model Size Purpose Updated
Exeter City and development areas to the East of Exeter To assess the impacts of proposed development as part of GESP Local Plan Currently updating
East of Exeter* Eastern edge of Exeter and Cranbrook To assess impacts of Local Plan development in area and define trigger points for infrastructure improvements 2014
Tiverton Tiverton and Sampford Peverell Assess impacts of Tiverton EUE development and used for Business Case for A361 Junction 2014
Cullompton* Cullompton Town Assess impacts of Local Plan development and option alignments for Relief Road 2018
North Devon Link Road* (NDLR) Bideford – J27 of M5 Used for Business Case for NDLR improvements 2017
A30/A303* Regional model connecting Exeter, Taunton & Ilchester Business Case for A30 Honiton to Devonshire Inn 2016
Newton Abbot* Newton Abbot + Kingskerswell Impacts of Local Plan development + Business Case for A382 and Houghton Barton schemes 2018
South Devon Link Road (SDLR) Teignbridge District Council area Business Case for SDLR 2010
Axminster Axminster Town Impacts of Local Plan development 2015
Exmouth Exmouth Town Business Case for Dinan Way extension 2012
Crediton* Crediton Town Business Case for Relief Road 2010
Ivybridge Ivybridge and Lee Mill Impact of Local Plan development 2018

* this indicates that our external consultants Jacobs were directly involved

* When was your transport model/s last updated?

Please see the above table

* Which organisation (e.g. Consultancy firm) developed your existing transport model/s?

Devon County Council carry out a lot of our traffic modelling in house and we do the majority of the updates/construction of traffic models. For additional resources, we go to our framework consultants Jacobs to help out, as referenced on the above table.

* Which software does your existing model/s use? (e.g. Saturn, Visum)

All of our strategic traffic models have been developed in SATURN

* How much did your existing model/s cost to develop?

The majority of models are developed in-house by the transportation planning team (within the team there are approximately  6 staff who have modelling skills; however, work on a variety of projects with their time split between a range of takes including policy / infrastructure planning / study work) and so the cost of model development forms part of the staff salaries.   We therefore do not hold this information.

However, we can confirm that, with reference to the table above,  the Newton Abbot model was developed solely by Jacobs and the recent update to the base and forecasting models cost around £60,000.

Further, a member of Jacobs staff was seconded to the team (Aug 2015-Dec 2017) to assist with the development of the modelling and appraisal, production of strategic outline business case and outline business case for the North Devon Link Road Large Local Majors submission. The total cost for this involvement was £105,800.

Jacobs also assisted with the A30/A303 model at a total cost of £120,000 (Aug 2014-Jun 2016).

Jacobs staff were involved in updating the Cullompton model (Mar 2018 – Sept 2018), producing a future base model and assessing some land use / infrastructure options, producing an forecasting report and economics technical note at a cost of £15,300.

Between June 2010 and June 2011, Jacobs produced a WebTAG compliant model including traffic (LMVR/Forecasting) and economic assessment reports for the Crediton Link Road at a total cost of £70,300.

Between March 2011 and January  2013, Jacobs assisted with expanding the East of Exeter model and assess a number of development scenarios. The total cost for this was £40,700.

We should clarify that in the above examples, Jacobs staff are seconded to the transport planning team and work alongside Devon County Council staff to develop the models and, as we indicate above, the total cost will therefore include staff salaries.

* What are your proposed plans (e.g. Procurement) to update your current transport model/s?

We will carry on doing the majority of the work in-house, using framework consultants (Jacobs) for additional support where required.