Training provided to Social Workers

Please can you provide me with details of the training provided to social workers who take part in CHC assessments with the local CCG.
Ideally you have a single training guide for social workers available as a PDF which covers a number of things including:

1) An overview of NHS Continuing Care
2) Important parts of the National Framework

An overview of the CHC and the National Framework is provided in Induction training and then refreshed periodically through annual update training. We can confirm that we do not hold a pdf of a single training guide so we do not hold this particular aspect of the information that you are requesting.

3) Completing the Decision Support Tool (“DST”)
4) Making a recommendation on eligibility based on the DST

Training provision has been made in January to March 2018 to deal with this aspect and future dates are also set. In addition, NHS England is supporting delivery of joint training for health and care staff. This will ensure that all assessing staff are able to access at least half a day’s training.

5) How to assess if and individual’s care is beyond social care (Coughlan/Grogan)
6) Important Ombudsman cases (benchmark cases)

We can confirm that case law and benchmark cases are cited throughout the training