Traffic signal replacement works

How many traffic lights have been replaced within 5 miles of Exeter over the past 3 years and at what cost. I am not referring to new road systems, just the replacement.  

We have taken “the past three years” to mean the last three complete financial years, i.e. the three-year period covering 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2020

In this period 28 signal-controlled junctions and 8 signal-controlled crossings, withing 5 miles of Exeter’s boundary have been replaced as a matter of routine replacement.

The total cost of these works was £1.4 million, which covers the cost of upgrading the incoming mains supply, portable traffic signals, all civil engineering works, and the supply and installation of the new traffic signals. 

Also, what are your policies for Traffic light replacement and who owns the company who sells the traffic lights?

Signals are regularly inspected and typically replaced when they are between 15 and 20 years old, largely dependent on age and condition.

The three companies currently supplying traffic signal equipment in the UK are:

Siemens Mobility Limited – Parent company is Siemens.

Dynniq Energising Mobility – Parent company is the Dutch investment company Egeria.

Telent Technology Services Ltd– A company in its own right.

Companies are invited to tender/quote in accordance with the Authority’s financial and procurement regulations