Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s)

1) How do you record Traffic Regulation Order details
a. In paper format?

Yes – traffic orders are sealed and a paper copy is saved in the archives

b. Digitally using GIS software?

Yes – new restrictions are drawn in ParkMap

c. Using specialist software?

Yes – the documents are saved within a custom built database which is published online

2) If you use GIS or specialist software for recording and creating Traffic Regulation Orders please indicate which software platform you use?

Please see our answer to question 1 (b) above.

3) How can the public access information on Traffic Regulation Orders
a. In paper format?

The paper documents would be available by booking an appointment at County Hall. The traffic Orders team can be contacted on 0345 155 1004
When a new order is sealed, copies would normally be available at a local deposit (e.g. library) for a short period

b. In digital format, please specify the format?

All live traffic regulation orders are available via our website at: TRO

Parking restrictions are also available on a map base at: Parking

4) Do you record details of your Traffic Regulation Order highways assets (traffic signs and road markings) using a digital system?

We have just purchased new software to record road markings but this has very little data at present.  We do not record traffic signs

5) Who records your highway assets
a. Is it Council officers?


b. Is it an External organisation, please specify the organisation?


6) Please indicate what software platform you use to digitally record your highways assets?

WDM Ltd Inventory Management System (web-based software)

7) Please indicate which organisations undertakes your highway maintenance?