Traffic Lights, Barrack Road, Exeter

“Please could you supply the following regarding the traffic lights on Barrack Road, St Leonards, Exeter:-

1. The traffic light sequencing ie in what order do the traffic and pedestrian flows occur.

2. The timing of each of the elements of the sequence ie how much time does each flow last.

3. The reasons why a particular traffic light/pedestrian crossing has an audible crossing signal for pedestrians and why it does not, if it does not

The four sets of lights I am interested in are those on Barrack Road, St Leonards, Exeter at:
a) the intersection with Topsham Road
b) the intersection with Wonford Road/Dryden Road
c) the intersection with Magdalen Road
d) the intersection with Heavitree Road where Barrack Road becomes Polsloe Road
I am not asking for information concerning the “pelican” crossing by the RD& E, Wonford.”

Barrack Road Traffic Signals