Trading Standards – TM44 Compliance

Q1. Have you set up a Trading Standards Officer to implement an active TM44 compliance programme. Provide that person’s name and details.

We have not allocated a specific resource to this and we therefore do not hold this information.

Q2. If you have not set up your compliance programme, when do you expect to do so, and who is in charge of the process?

We aim to be an intelligence – led Service and issues relating to energy performance of buildings including Air Conditioning Inspection Reports may be considered along with other competing demands as part of our annual service planning process for 2020/21. This may not result in a specific compliance programme for this area.

Q3. What specific actions have you undertaken to check on all building operators with air conditioning in your Borough?


Q4. How do you notify affected organisations, and how much notice do you give them before issuing a fine?

No action taken to date

Q5. The Government Non-Domestic EPC Register contains all records of existing TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Reports, with expiry dates. Buildings not shown on the Register are non-compliant. Do you make use of the Register?


Q6. The fine is £300.00 per building for non-compliance, do you reinvest fines and allocate to the Department issuing notices?

No Penalty Charge Notices have been issued to date, therefore we do not hold this information.