Temporary staff

1. If your organisation uses any temporary labour; how many are working currently across the organisation and what is the annual spend?

As at 31st July 2020 there are 121 temporary staff.
Annual spend in 2019-20 was £9,512,481

2. If you have any framework and technology platform (Managed Service Programme or Provider /Vendor Management System) to manage the temporary workers?

We have a contract with a neutral vendor organisation called GRI.

3. Through what government framework has the service been procured and when is it being retendered or up for renewal?

ESPO. It is up for renewal in July 2021

4. Who is the incumbent Managed Service Provider and what Vendor Management System/Shift Scheduling tool is being used?


5. If you use any shift scheduling software e.g. Allocate and when is the licence/contract up for renewal?

No we do not use this.

6. Who is the relevant point of contact in the organisation responsible for this process for any retendering or renewal?

Andrea Owen