Telephone System Maintenance Contract

“Please provide information with regards to the organisation’s telephone system maintenance contract (VOIP or PBX, other) for hardware and software maintenance and support as follows:-

1. Which manufacturer (PBX or VOIP) are you using as your core telephone system? e.g. Avaya, BT, Cisco, Mitel, Skype for Business?

Skype for Business

2. Approximately how many extensions does the system support across your organisation?


3. Who is the incumbent/support partner for the maintenance of your VOIP/PBX?

Supported and managed internally with 3rd line support contracted out.

4. How many of those extensions are contact centre/customer service agents?

Around 800.

5. When does your PBX/VOIP support contract expire?

Netcall Call Centre Services 01.09.2017 maximum term 10 years

Skype for Business managed against product lifecycle, moving towards Teams.