Telegraph Hill and South Devon Link Road Speed Data


“I would like some information as to the use of average speed cameras on Telegraph Hill and the South Devon Link Road.

I would like to know if they are having the desired effect and the number and types of vehicles caught and prosecuted from install to date.

I wish to receive any information that DCC may hold in this regard.”


In relation to the South Devon Link Road there are no average speed cameras in place at the present time, but a proposal has been agreed with Teignbridge Highways and Traffic Orders Committee subject to funding approval by Cabinet.

For Telegraph Hill / Haldon Hill, information is held by the Devon & Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership. Contact details below:

The Partnership have provided us with the following data:-

In January 2018 the 85th percentile speed measured by the system was 68.4 mph and the average speed for all traffic was 62.5 mph. In June 2017 the measured speed, shortly after the system was turned on, was 85 percentile speed measured by the system – 68.5 mph and the average speed for all traffic – 63.1 mph. These figures both show compliance rates which have varied only slightly after the Average Speed camera system was installed, with some minor improvement over time.

In the first year of operation, the combined speed detection rates of the A380 and adjacent road the A38 have seen approximately 2,200 offences. Based on historical DfT traffic volume data we believe that approximately 17 million vehicle movements will have been made through the site accessing from both the A380 and A38. The scheme was introduced specifically to control speeds at the merge point between the two roads rather than specifically for the A380 on its own. Data for the total volume through the A380 on its own is, therefore, not held.

Speed date is not held for the A380 prior to the system going in, but again for the adjacent A38 road our speed measurements where we previously had a spot speed camera show that typically spot speeds at the top of Haldon Hill averaged an 85th percentile speed measured by loops as being typically 75 mph and the average speed 68 mph. The speed measured by the average speed camera show in January 2018, 65.7mph for 85 percentile speed and average speed of 59.0 mph.

2017 collision data for the location has not been made available to us for the site, so we do not yet have a year by year comparison of recorded injury collision rates after implementation.

DCC do not hold information relating to individual prosecutions and types of vehicles, we would suggest you may wish to refer this part of your request to Devon & Cornwall Police.