Telecare provision and contracts

* Which of the following do you provide (Telecare services, Assistive Tech, Tech enabled care, Telehealth)?

Millbrook Healthcare are commissioned to provide Technology Enabled Care and Support which may include the provision of Telecare.

* What elements of these do you provide?

The Devon Independent Living Integrated Service contract does not include the provision of telehealth, although there is the provision within the contract to do so.

* Are these provided jointly?

These services are provided as a joint integrated offer with NHS Devon CCG

* Who Commissions/jointly commissions this service and in what financial percentages?

The Devon Independent Living Integrated Service (DILIS) is commissioned by Devon County Council on behalf of itself and NHS Devon. The service is funded via the Better Care Fund.

* How much is spent on this?

There isn’t a separate budget for TECS (it’s a Pooled budget) – but the spend for TECS for 19/20 was, £ 299,416.

* How many assessment s are done for each service, each year and what are the typical wait times?

We do not hold the information for the number of assessments completed only in relation to TECS across health and social care. An assessment would be completed as part of a service users care management pathway under Care Act regulations.

* How many current registered users you have for each service?

We are currently reporting 2,692 service users who have been issued with TECS.

* Timescales for delivery?

Timescale would depend on the need of the individual and the equipment required but under the contract they could have a same day, next day, 3 day or 5 day delivery.

* Eligibility criteria?

Provision of this service would be based on national health and social care assessment criteria under the Care Act 2014 depending on what need the TECS was meeting.

* What do you charge for these services?

No charge for eligible service users. The Independent Living Centre can support self-funders to suitable TECS to meet their needs.

* Can you tell me about the purchasing of your kit, delivery of the kit, your responder service, monitoring service, collection of stock, refurbishment of stock?

DILIS is an Integrated delivery model which includes the procurement, delivery, installations, monitoring, refurbishment and repair of equipment under the scope of the contract. All are provided directly, or sub-contracted by, Millbrook Healthcare Ltd.  A face to face response service is not currently commissioned in Devon.

* Do you have a showcase facility for any of your services?

Yes it can be seen online via:  Independent Living Centre

* Do you have a link to traditional commissioning services?

Only NHS or Social Care professional staff can assess and refer for TECS. If Care Home or Domiciliary Care service providers identify a need that one of their service users has that they believe TECS can support, they refer to DCC for an assessment. Other care providers are also supported to directly provide and use TECS within their service provision.