Telecare and assistive technology

1. Do you offer a Telecare/Assistive Technology/Technology Enabled Care to your residents?


2. If so, what is its name and who provides the current Service?

3. If not, how is this provided in your area?

Millbrook Healthcare is commissioned to provide technology enabled care and support (TECS) for Devon County Council as part of the joint integrated offer with NHS Devon CCG called Devon Independent Living Integrated Service (DILIS)

4. If provided, please indicate which elements of the following are provided.
a. Equipment
b. Assessments
c. Installation
d. Monitoring
e. Mobile Response

All other than e) Mobile response service.


5. Please indicate of these elements, which ones are provided either In-House or whether they are Outsourced.

6. If they are provided In-House, please indicate which Council Function has responsibility for the elements of the service

All are outsourced and provided as part of the DILIS contract.

7. If they are provided through outsourcing, please indicate which provider companies supply the different elements.

All are provided directly, or sub-contracted by, Millbrook Healthcare Ltd.

8. If these elements (or the whole service) are outsourced, can you tell us the start date of the contract and what the expected end date is? Upon expiry of the contracts, do you intend to go out to tender?

9. If the services are In-House, are there any plans to review existing arrangements and if so when is this likely to take place? 

The DILIS contract started on the 01/06/2017, ends on the 31/05/2023. Upon expiry of the current contract, the Council currently intends to tender for its TECS provision.

10. For the outsourced services are you able to indicate an annual cost of the service?


11. How many registered users do you have for these services?

We are currently reporting 2,692 service users who have been issued with TECS.

12. If you provide a mobile response service, can you please indicate on average, per annum, how many people receive this service and how many call outs there are?

We do not commission a mobile response service.

13. Do you charge for any element of the service – if so which elements? And can you please provide your charges.

No charge for eligible service users under Care Act eligibility criteria. The Independent Living Centre (ILC) also supports individuals to source suitable TECS to meet their needs.

14. Have you made the transfer from analogue to digital in your services? And if not, what are the plans for doing this by 2025?

We are working with our TECS provider to ensure the service is equipped for the digital switch.

15. Do you have a lead for TECS in the council and if so, could you provide a contact email for the individual please?

Helen Rainbird – Commissioning Development Officer

16. Do you have a lead commissioner in the council for these services and if so, could you provide a contact email for the individual please?

As above

17. Is your council reviewing telecare services/assistive technology at the moment? If so, what is the contact name of the person who is leading this review and what is the reason for reviewing these services?

18. If In-House, do you procure your TECS equipment through a procurement framework and if so please give details of which ones?

The TECS catalogue, delivered through the DILIS contract (and therefore not in house), is under regular review to ensure it includes the most efficient, innovative and cost-effective equipment to meet the needs of service users via the DILIS Catalogue Review Group (CRG).
There is not a whole TECS service review underway however service development and pilot opportunities are part of an ongoing work programme contact details as above.

19. What ‘self-serve’, privately funded options are there for your TECS services?

We provide an online self-assessment tool to support people to find equipment to support their independence which includes TECS solutions – Adults – find help and support

The Independent Living Centre is commissioned to give free impartial support to self-funders looking for TECS to support their independence.

20. Do you have a link to a traditional community equipment service for these services, and if so which service?

Yes, TECS is part of the DILIS contract which is an integrated service offer including community equipment, minor adaptations and TECS.