Digital Solutions

(1) Is your organisation developing/creating Tech solutions (e.g. Demonstrator projects/Accelerator projects)? To support future service delivery.

What is the value of this work?

What solutions are you working on?

When will these be complete?

Will these solutions be scalable to help other authorities and cities?

Are you developing this yourself or getting funded, if so who is doing the funding?  

Devon County Council is not currently developing / creating Tech solutions to support future service delivery, therefore we do not hold this information.  

(2) Digital Transformation

Have you started the journey?

What are your current successes?

What technologies are working best for you?  

The Council is currently working on a Digital Strategy, which will pull together examples of successes, therefore we do not hold this information, it may be published at a future date.  

(3) With reference to Innovator/Demonstrator/Accelerator projects or Digital Transformation, is there anything you are struggling with (resources, knowledge, expertise etc.)?  

When specialist skills are required the Council have a pre-tendered framework for accessing these.  

(4) Is there any specific piece of work you would like me to champion or use as an example of great practice or development done by your organisation at these events? If so please provide a summary. 

No – please see the answer to the second question.