Technology no longer used policy and contract

May we please ask under FOI for details on the policy about old technology and what is currently happening with the old technology from the council and from the educational institutions you are funding.

1) In particular where the old items are going ?

At Devon County Council ICT kit is disposed of using this policy which can be viewed online: Disposal procedure
Educational institutions and schools make their own arrangements and we do not hold this information.

2) what percentage is going to help those in the local community that cannot afford computers.

DCC: 0%

Educational institutions and schools make their own arrangements and we do not hold this information.


3) when the contract / arrangements are up for review.

DCC: Gavin – are you able to cover this from a DCC disposal contract perspective?
Educational institutions: unknown as make their own arrangements

Further to the request above, we would like to clarify that this also relates to the council. We received some replies that some councils were not linked to educational institutions, so to clarify we are also asking these questions from the councils including those that do not fund local schools.

4) Please provide information how your institution is addressing Scope 3 Carbon Emissions in relation with old technology as per our other 3 questions below.

In December 2019 DCC committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, including those from its purchasing of goods and services, to net-zero by 2030. As part of this, we will reduce the emissions from our own activity by at least 70% and carbon offset the remaining emissions. We will talk with our suppliers about how they can help reduce greenhouse emissions. This process will focus initially on the largest DCC contracts, which are likely to have the greatest potential for reducing carbon emissions. DCC is also taking steps to improve its wider environmental performance in line with its Environmental Policy. This includes action to address waste issues through its Corporate Waste Management Strategy. Relevant information is available at: Environmental policy although this currently omits any specific consideration of approaches to be adopted for old technology.