Supported lodgings for carers and young people

I am writing to request: 

* The numbers of supported lodgings carers on the books of the council every year since 2009 [by this we mean live-in carers who have been through an approval process]

* The number of young people aged 16-18 placed in supported lodgings placements every year since 2009 [by this we mean placed with approved carers. If this service is provided to children who are looked after, please specify how many of the young people are looked after or have previously been looked after]

In response to the first two questions, Devon County Council does not hold the information over the years requested and to the level of detail requested.   However, based upon the information that we do hold, we can speculatively suggest that the totals may have been as set out in the table below:

Year No of Carers Children Placed
2011-12 34 47
2012-13 52 58
2013-14 47 53
2014-15 42 49
2015-16 41 43
2016-17 42 48
2017-18 36 47
2018-19 32 37


* If the supported lodgings scheme is provided by a third party, please include the commissioning framework used to procure this service [the ‘supported lodgings scheme’ refers to a scheme that recruits and approves live-in carers]

Some supported lodging placements are commissioned through a third party in addition to lodgings through Devon County Council  There is one provider of these services currently commissioned which is ‘Young Devon’. The framework used to commission these services is Lot 1 of the ‘Supported Living Options’ framework which is a Devon County Council only contract.