Supported Employment

1. What was your local authority’s actual expenditure in 2017-18, 2018-19 and what is the budgeted expenditure in 2019-20 on

a) Supported Employment services and
b) on supported internship provision?

Devon County Council works in a strategic way with external providers of these supported employment services but does not separately account for expenditure on supported employment so we therefore do not hold the specific information you have requested.
All supported internship provision in Devon is delivered by further education colleges and is funded using their Education and Skills Funding Agency (“ESFA”) allocation.
Devon County Council has provided placement opportunities for supported internship programmes but learning for these individuals is funded by the ESFA. Further information can be found from the ESFA via their website at:

2. Can any resident in your authority area be referred to Supported Employment provision or is access restricted to only those people who are receiving services through adult social care?

This information is available online at:

3. On what did your authority spend the 2018-19 Department for Education Preparation for Employment Grant?

The grant was used to purchase bespoke training for staff working in the supported internship arena – managers, job coaches and enablers