Supported bus services – government fund application

Can you please confirm whether the Council has applied for (or is planning to apply for) any of the below Government fund:

* Supported Bus Services

Yes. Devon County Council was allocated a sum.

If so, can you please confirm whether you have been successful in accessing funds and how much has been awarded?

Yes, in line with Government requirements we submitted a spending plan which was accepted. Our amount is £985,778.

Please confirm if the council has any plans in place on how to use this funding?

A plan was put out to public consultation which is now closed. This information is available online at:

Bus funding consultation

Please confirm the individual and department (name and job title) responsible and how we can potentially contact them to discuss further?

John Richardson-Dawes, Principal Transport Co-ordinating Officer, Transport Co-ordination Service.

I would be interested in any other relevant information held by your organisation regarding this request

Please note the plan is completely on hold at present due to the COVID19 situation affecting all bus services.