Supply of Halal Meat to Schools and Colleges

“Can you please supply any information regards the use and supply of Halal meat to schools and colleges within your area of control.

This is to include any information regards supply to religious schools and special needs schools.

Can you also include information on the controls in place to make sure any animal meats provided as halal are slaughtered in line with UK regulations, and what checks are done to clarify it.”

Sodexo – Catering Supplier to 6 Exeter PFI Schools Devon Norse – Devon County Council’s Catering partner for Corporate Functions (3 main sites) and Schools (approximately 130) who buy back their service. Other Devon County Council Maintained Schools or Academies not using Devon Norse
In sourcing its meat, Sodexo’s approach is to ensure welfare standards are of the highest standard (as part of Sodexo’s global Animal Welfare Policy which is fully compliant with UK/EU legislation as a minimum) and that animals are stunned before slaughter.

It is Devon Norse’s Policy to use meat sourced from animals that are stunned prior to slaughter.

Devon Norse do not supply any Halal or Kosher meats

These schools have the option of catering themselves or buying in through another contractor.  As such, Devon County Council does not hold this information. You may wish to contact Devon Schools directly for further information.

 Further information relating to regulations and controls in place for animal slaughter within the UK are available on The Food Standards Agency website