Supervised contact service – children

Do you currently have your own “In House” Service, preferred suppliers list or master vendor contract in place for your Supervised Contact Service for children in care?

 Devon County Council’s supervised contact service is delivered in house

If you have a contract in place, when will this be due for renewal and what is your process for announcing, advertising and applying for this opportunity?

 Please see the answer to the previous question

If you have your own “In House” Service, do you ever spot purchase to support this service and would the service ever be put out for tender?


Do you have any intention to review the existing provisions in place for your Supervised Contact Service?


What is the council’s annual spend on outsourced agencies for supervised contact for 2015 – 2016 and 2016 – 2017?

 It is possible that a social care team may have had to contract an external agency to provide supervised contact if that could not be delivered in house, however, service spend records would not indicate that level of detail therefore we do not hold this information

What is the name and contact details for the procurement and placement officer who is responsible for this service?

Please see the answer to the first question.