Super fast broadband Queries

I would like to see all files, correspondence, letters and emails relating to the awarding of the CDS contract to Airband for the supply of Lot No 4 for super-fast broadband.
This should include the due diligence assessment, legal challenge and the decision to award the contract. This should also include Airbands bid and delivery timescale projections and sanctions if not completed to time and budget.

From our preliminary assessment, we estimate that compliance with your request would exceed the appropriate costs limit under section 12 of the Freedom of information Act 2000. This is currently £450 or 18 hours of officer time.

Rather than refusing your request at this stage, I would like to explore with you how Devon County Council may best assist you to request relevant information which we hold. Please could you clarify the exact information you are looking for. If you need assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact me on the above telephone number or by email at

Please also note that the Legal Challenge is not relevant to LOT 4