Sugar content in school desserts

I would like to know the average daily amount of ‘free’ or ‘added’ sugar that is contained in a portion of primary school desserts at Tavistock Primary School, St Rumons, St Peters, Whitchurch and Horrabridge primary schools

Devon Norse, a catering company which is owned by Devon County Council, only provide school meals to Horrabridge Primary.   The other schools on the list make other arrangements for the provision of school meals (using in house provision or an alternative provider) and we do not have access to the sugar content on these menus.  Devon County Council therefore hold no information in relation to St Peters, Whitchurch, Tavistock or St Rumons primary schools.   We would recommend that you contact these schools direct.

A copy of the three week menu and details of the sugar content for the desserts  can be seen via the link below:

Sugar details