Student numbers and ethnicity

I’d like to put in a Freedom of Information Request for the number of students who were in schools AND the number who were home-schooled as of the January Census for the last 5 years, broken down by ethnicity.

I have used ethnicity as used by the ONS – broken up into 5 distinct categories: 1. White; 2. Mixed/Multiple; 3. Asian/Asian British; 4. Black/African/Caribbean; and 5. Other. Further details are on the attached spreadsheet, or see the ONS website.

Where possible, if the number is 0, please use 0. If the number is less than 5, but more than 0, and cannot be specified due to potential identifying information, please use “<5”.

We have completed your spreadsheet in relation to students in schools.

However, in relation to students who have elected to be home educated (EHE), we have been unable to complete your spreadsheet as our own ethnicity definitions may not tally with your own. We have therefore instead provided you with our own records. As you have suggested, where the numbers are less than 5, the details are replaced with the indication “<5” and we are grateful to you for allowing this.

All of the available information, including your spreadsheet is attached via the link below: