Streetlighting specifications Catnip Close, Axminster

Can I please get a copy of the new streetlight specification and confirmation that it has no other technology in the streetlight (in Catnip Close, Axminster).

Catnip Close previously had Urbis ZX1 or WRTL Arc lanterns, with 70W SON lamps and part night light mini cells. These have been replaced with the Axia 3.1 luminaires incorporating the Lucy Zodion Z Cell with 7 pin nema socket, with part night light as previously.

Can I also request the assessment documentation that have review the light levels, type of light produced and impact on houses nearby.

The colour temperature of the LEDs are 3000K, therefore warm white, with a wattage of just 22W. The LEDs are more directional and reduce light spill, notably above the horizontal axis. Therefore the assessment whilst generic, expects less light spill, concentrated towards the intended target, with considerable energy savings. The Axia in question uses a dali enable driver operating at 410mA, whilst the luminaire has an optic setting of 5267.

These websites have more detailed information.

Outdoor lighting solution is designed to enhance the user experience | Schr├ęder (

ZCELL – Lucy Zodion

The data sheet below has highlighted in yellow the options taken up by DCC from the multiples available.

Data Sheet