Street lighting in TQ11

Could you tell me what changes, installation, upgrades and alterations have been made to street lighting in TQ11 since 2012. This would include the installation of new lights, changes to lighting levels and changes to type of lights used.

The area of TQ11 covers the Buckfastleigh and has a total of 408 street lights and has remained so since 2012.

Of those 408 streetlights 102 remain on all night and 306 switch off between 00:30 and 05:30 GMT.

Devon County Council has replaced 45 of the 408 existing street lights since 2014 with new energy efficient LED street lights without increasing the light levels whilst reducing light pollution (spill) from those new lights.

Bossell Road has a new generation of LED street light (8 installed in 2015) that dim during part of the night reducing light levels further from 21:30 to 05:30. Lighting level have remained the same for all existing street lights. Since 2013 we have also replaced 11% of the 408 street light with LED units.

Could you also please provide the rationale for any changes made and any environmental impact assessments carried out.

Devon County Council has a program to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint for Devon.

The initial program started in 2008 was to gradually convert mostly residential street lights to Part Night Lighting (PNL) and this was completed in 2017.

In 2014 Devon County Council started to replace 25,000 high energy street lights with energy efficient LED units.

This project is due to complete late 2018 and will include some of the 102 existing all night street lights and include the overnight dimming function.
The new LED lights are replacing the existing street lights rather than replace the lamps when they reach end of life, with the benefit of less light pollution, less UV, less energy, less carbon generation along with increased reliability.

As we are replacing existing lighting it is not deemed necessary to carry out an environmental impact assessment for each light, although for all new developments or design changes we would evaluate the need for an environmental impact assessment.

I would also like to know if the request for any changes was made by an individual, group or organisation.

Devon County Council has a program to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint for Devon. This program is managed by Devon County Council own Street Lighting Team.